From Inferno’s Hidden Secrets & Eternal Mysteries: A Map of Hell


The laser pointer inside the cylinder projects La Mappa dell’Inferno by Sandro Botticelli on the wall, a painting that depicts the structure of hell according to Dante, in a kind of funnel with circles that keep getting smaller, ultimately leading to hell where Satan reigns.

Dan Brown describes La Mappa dell’Inferno as ‘a subterranean funnel of suffering — a wretched underground landscape of fire, brimstone, sewage, monsters, and Satan himself waiting at its core.’

According to Langdon ‘there is no map of Dante’s hell more complete and accurate than the one painted by Sandro Botticelli.’ He continues: ‘Unlike some artists, Botticelli was extremely faithful in his interpretation of Dante’s text. In fact, he spent so much time reading Dante that the great art historian Giorgio Vasari said Botticelli’s obsession with Dante led to ‘serious disorders in his living.’ Botticelli created more than two dozen other works relating to Dante, but this map is his most famous.’

InfernoExperience3-02This is a quote from the new book Inferno’s Hidden Secrets & Eternal MysteriesYou can grab your copy via this link. Check back soon for more quotes and updates on our series The Inferno Experience – A Thrilling Adventure Through a World of Mystery.